FINALLY! Guy Fieri is coming back to one of our favorite eateries in South Jersey. It'll happen on TONIGHT's episode of the hit show, 'Diners, Drive-Ins, And Dives.'

Yeah, a South Jersey restaurant will appear on 'Diners, Drive-Ins, And Dives' on Friday, April 21. It won't be the first time this eatery has been featured on the mega-hit TV show.

So... can you guess which restaurant we're talking about yet?

Of course, it's the Vincetown Diner! The diner is located on Route 206 in Vincentown. The restaurant's owners confirmed the news of their upcoming TV appearance on Facebook earlier today.

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Credit: Google
Credit: Google

In fact, the episode was actually filmed over a year ago, according to the Facebook post.

"Please tune into Food Network tonight at 9 pm and you'll get to watch the 2 handsome fellas in that (photo below) pretend that we weren't super nervous lol!," the restaurant wrote on Facebook early Friday.

Friday night's DDD will air on The Food Network at 9 pm on Friday. And it will be available afterward on demand on Discovery+.

Which of the Vincentown Diner's Dishes Will be Featured in DDD Nation?

Yeah, so what IS on the menu tonight?

The episode is titled From Biscuits to Brisket, according to The Food Network's website. Tonight's episode will apparently feature will feature the diner's beef stroganoff and its breakfast sandwich "The Aristocrat.", according to a report from

Composite via Vincentown Dinner, Facebook
Composite via Vincentown Dinner, Facebook

The restaurant last appeared on the show in May 2017. The Vincentown Diner is best known for their Mile High Meatloaf and French Toast.

The Mile High Meatloaf "features grass-fed beef from a nearby farm," the Food Network's website wrote. "Hefty slabs of beautifully caramelized meatloaf are layered with mashed potatoes, then doused with a gravy made with mirepoix, veal bone stock, and prime rib."

So... did Guy Fieri like the Vincentown Diner when he visited back then? Yeah. It sounds like it.

“This is tender; this is juicy,” Guy said of the dish. “Look at me — I can’t stop eating it.” (via Food Network's website).

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