New Jersey is going to get even more national attention tonight!

Don't you love it when that happens?

According to, The Food Network's Diners' Drive-ins, and Dives will feature an Atlantic County restaurant on this evening's upcoming episode!

The restaurant is called Ernest & Son Old-Fashioned Butcher Shoppe and they are located in Brigantine.

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They are most well-known for, "their mouthwatering meat cuts and delectable handcrafted sandwiches," according to Just to put it in perspective, their cheesesteak was ranked 16th best in the state.

There is nothing like a good cheesesteak - with peppers and onions.

This is not Ernest & Son's first time being featured on The Food Network.

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They first appeared on Diners' Drive-ins, and Dives back in 2017 for their homemade beef jerky and their sausage, peppers and onion sandwich called "The Tailgator."

Here is how that went:

In the video, owner Brian Mel Cortellessa reveals they sell 700 Tailgators each day on average. Wow.

I am going to need to try one of those.

But what will Ernest & Son Old-Fashioned Butcher Shoppe make for Guy Fieri the second time around?

Find out on Friday, October 28th at 9:00 PM when they will be featured on Diners' Drive-ins, and Dives on The Food Network!

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