A new beauty salon has recently opened up last Thursday in Hoboken, New Jersey with a rather unorthodox name. The name in question is in fact, “The Blow Job.” Now, that that’s out of the way please hold all tittering until the end of the car ride. The Blow Job offers many salon related services such as hair blowouts, hair extensions and even kids haircuts.

The owner of The Blow Job, Giovanna Serrano had this to say about the name when talking to Patch.com, “Everybody loves the name so far. Everybody loves the concept.” Serrano stated how The Blow Job intends to open at 6 AM for any one just coming from their work out, “You can go for a run and come in and get a blowout”. According to the NY Post, Serrano also mentioned that she offers a cheap “morning quickie” at the salon for any early birds wanting to catch the worm.

While some are bothered by the “inappropriate” name, most are fine with it, one social media user calling it “great branding”. I can only wish that the salon and especially the customers themselves, get a happy ending.

All joking aside, I think that Ms. Serrano knows what she's doing. All publicity is good publicity, as long as people are talking about your business and coming in for haircuts, why care about what some of the older people have to say? You go ahead and make your dollar!

The Blow Job is currently located at 515 4th Street Hoboken New Jersey 07030


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