A teenage girl from Hamilton Township is starring in a new movie, one of the first released since the coronavirus crisis began, according to Community News.

Her name is Gianna Harris, she's 15, it's her first major role, and wow, this is really cool. The movie is called "Mighty Oak." The article says it's "a story about family, reincarnation, and finding oneself." Harris plays Emma Biggs, who is a close friend of Oak, the title character.

Mighty Oak was released in theaters on Friday, but, unfortunately, due to current area restrictions, the movie isn't showing anywhere around here yet because movie theaters have not reopened yet. It's only playing in select theaters in parts of the country that have already reopened.

Harris and her family are hoping the movie comes to a drive-in theater in the area soon, so they can go see it and celebrate her success.

Harris filmed the movie back in February 2019 out in San Diego, then, was home in Hamilton for a few months, then went back out west to finish up filming in June. Her final scenes were water scenes, so she had to take surfing lessons, because she didn't know how. It was fun, but, tiring according to Harris.

You've probably heard of Gianna's co-stars. Carlos PenaVega was on the TV show, "Big Time Rush" and  Alexa PenaVega was in "Spy Kids." Broadway star, Rodney Hicks, plays Harris’ father in the movie.

I'm so happy for you, Gianna. I hope this leads to a long, successful acting career. I can't wait to check out the movie. It's always so cool to hear about stars from our area.

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