This will make you an even bigger fan of popular Italian restaurant and pizza place, Brother's on 33, in Hamilton Township (Mercer County).

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the family owned and operated restaurant on Route 33 will be donating to charity throughout the year. I love this. Keep reading for more details.

On the Brothers 33 Facebook page, the family said, "This is a very special year for your family and our business as we celebrate our 50th anniversary. Our focus in life and as local business leaders has always been to help others in the community."

What they've done is picked out 12 non-profit organizations, and they'll hold "Dine to Donate" events (it will happening one Sunday a month) where 50% of their gross sales will go to one of the non-profit organizations they've selected.

You know what a Dine to Donate is, right? It's simple. You dine (or takeout) at Brother's of 33 and 50% of your check will go to charity. Great, isn't it?

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The first charity Brother's on 33 has chosen to donate to, with your help, is the LIFT Fund at Coastal Habitat for Humanity.

The first Dine to Donate event of this year will be THIS SUNDAY, JANUARY 15TH. 50% of sales from the entire day will go to the Sea Girt Polar Bear Plunge which is benefitting the charity I told you above, LIFT Fund at Coastal Habitat for Humanity, in Memory of State Trooper Juan Fajardo.

So, forget about cooking on Sunday and support this wonderful cause and enjoy some of your favorite food in the area.

Upcoming Dine to Donate events will be:

February 19th benefitting Deborah Heart and Lung Center

March 12th benefitting Hamilton YMCA

April 16th benefitting Miracle League of Mercer County

For more details click here or call the restaurant at (609) 586-2707.

Happy 50th anniversary Brothers on 33. Click here to see the menu.

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