If you live or find yourself in the Lawrenceville area, keep your eyes open for a black bear that’s lurking around the streets.

While scrolling on Facebook yesterday, I saw someone had posted a picture of a black bear roaming the streets of Lawrence and was cautioning people to keep an eye out.

The bear looked like it was a little cub, but a bear is a bear so be careful out there!



I spoke to the person who spotted the bear and posted the pictures and she said the bear actually crossed in front of her car while she was on Federal City Road in Lawrenceville.

If you aren’t familiar with where that is, it was passing through the yard of a school nearby called Tomorrow’s Child Montessori School.

You may even know the area better because of Candela’s restaurant and Udo’s Bagels. There’s been a few bear sightings in some other towns this year already like Ewing, which has had multiple since the start of the year.


As of now, nobody has spoken of the bear since yesterday, but it seemed as though he was taking a casual stroll through the town. If you see this bear make sure to take precautions and call 911 or call the Dept. Of Wildlife directly and they will help relocate him and make sure he gets back to his home.

For now, make sure you pick up any extra trash from your garbage cans, clean your outdoor grills and make sure you don’t have anything else left in your yard that could attract this big guy.

If you want more tips on how to make sure you aren’t accidentally attracting bears to your home, you can check out this flyer posted by The Mercer County Wildlife Center.

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