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As some schools across our area will be entering their third week of "e-learning," it's become increasingly clear that we may stay in this "distance learning" for the long haul.

As we get used to this new reality, it may time for a refresher on these tips and strategies to optimize our education that's taking place in our homes.

After an extended spring break, the Hun School has shared some tips that we all can be reminded about during distance learning. Their students and faculty are already accustomed to using technology in the classroom. The Princeton-based institution has been a leader in remote learning opportunities as their students have even used Facetime to “attend” class when absent.

So here are some tips:

Get Ready Like You're Still Going to School: a routine goes a long way for all of us. It'll help you establish a "learning mindset," they say. So, yeah, get up and have that breakfast and get dressed like you normally would.

Find a new "classroom": You'll want to give yourself the appropriate workspace in your home, and ideally, it's private. But certainly, keep your space equipped for your success.

Make time to eat lunch: You won't be able to focus on an empty stomach, so it's OK to take a break during the day. Grab a quick walk, have a drink of water, or even listen to your favorite song, they suggest.

For more tips check out this post from the Hun School, which includes suggestions to make sure you're technically prepared and how to stay positive during these crazy times.

We're all in this together, right?

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