I'd really love for this adorable 5th grader, named Billy, in Hamilton to meet his idol, Bryce Harper, of the Philadelphia Phillies, so I need your help.

If a lot of you share this, tag this, tweet this, post this, email this, whatever you have to do to get his attention, together, we could make his dream come true.

Ok, let me go back: This Facebook post stopped me from scrolling yesterday.

It's the post of a teacher from the Mercerville Elementary School in Hamilton (my sister teaches there). She talks about a student of hers, Billy.

Billy is 10, and he describes himself as Bryce Harper's biggest fan. So for a class assignment, he wrote a letter to him, which brought a tear to my eye.

You can feel his passion. He loves baseball...and Bryce Harper. His teacher describes him like this: "Billy is a great kid. A special boy. He is kind, caring, respectful and compassionate. He says hello to anyone and everyone, compliments friends and teachers, and always tries his best."

It sounds as if he's struggled a little bit in the classroom, but, he has improved. And Billy has sadly endured some not so nice treatment from other kids.

A good friend of mine once told me "kindness matters," and I have always lived by that. Let's show this eager child some kindness. All he wants to do is meet his idol... Bryce Harper.

He says in the letter he'd love some baseball tips from him. He'd love for him to teach him to slide.
This kid is so into baseball, that his mom took eyeliner and drew the glare marks on his cheeks, like the players wear, although, they don't use eyeliner. Lol.

Bryce, if you happen to read this, please, please, please make this happen. He would love to go to a game, and shake your hand. It would be amazing. He looks up to you. Be his hero.

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