No matter which way you slice, dice, load, mash or fry 'em, it's hard to go wrong with a potato dish. Especially when it comes to french fries!

It's an all-time favorite fried junk food, and they're different everywhere you go. We all have our favorite french fry place. (Say that 5 times fast!) For me, if we're talking fast food chains, Five Guys french fries are where it's at!

But where can you get the best, freshest, fries in the state of New Jersey?

Eat This, Not That, a popular source for all things food and nutrition, has an idea. You can agree or disagree. There are seldom right and wrong answers when it comes to French fries, and since there are so many different takes, recipes, preparations etc., there's no real exact science for what constitutes a superior french fry.

So according to Eat This, who has the best french fries in the Garden State?

Good news, Warren County! They're at Hot Dog Johnny's in Buttzville, NJ!

This restaurant has been a landmark since 1944, and is recognized as one of the country's most famous must-visit roadside spots.They're famous for their dogs, buttermilk and birch beer, but their fries are also something special:

Look for the big hot dog on the roof of this roadside restaurant to find the best fries in New Jersey. The fries are super fresh and just plain delicious on their own. You won't find any gourmet versions or different sauces here. They specialize in just plain fries and do it well. Wash it all down with some freshly made birch beer.

Have you tried these famed fries before? Do you agree with this choice of the best fries in New Jersey? Let us know!

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