If you’re from Jersey, one of the things on your bucket list is probably to see the Jersey Devil once in your life. The urban legend has been around since the 1730s, but there have been recent sightings of him. Here’s some peoples' stories about their encounters with the Jersey Devil.

According to NJ.com, one of the first known sightings was in 1812. Joseph Bonaparte said that he saw the Jersey Devil while hunting in Bordentown. The Jersey Devil did not become super popular until 1909 and about 1,000 people claimed they saw the urban legend once or twice.

Then there was the Salem Cab Attack in 1927.  Allegedly a taxi driver was attacked and killed by the Jersey Devil when he was changing a tire. Witnesses say they saw the winged animal on top of the cab.

Then, in 1960, there were loud screams in Mays Landing with no explanation for it. A couple years later in 1972, Mary Ritzer Christianson said she saw the Jersey Devil on Greentree Road when she was driving. Christianson said that it was tall and had the head of a goat.

In the 80s, there started to be strange and explainable deaths in the forests. In South Jersey, the Jersey Devil apparently killed a family of pigs and their bodies were scratched and torn apart. Fast forward a couple stories to more recent years, in 2015, David Black of Egg Harbor said he saw a llama walking on Route 9, but then it spread wings and flew away. Could it have been the Jersey Devil?

Let us know any crazy stories you have had with the Jersey Devil!


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