For over a decade, the National Dog Show, aired right after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. NJ resident Wayne Ferguson, the president of the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, has always been the competition's signature announcer. But this year, with the pandemic and COVID regulations, Ferguson was challenged with quite a few obstacles to get the show that’s got even your pet’s tail wagging done safely.

According to, pre-COVID up to 15,000 people would come from all over to watch the show at the Great Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Philly. While canceling the show originally seemed like the best bet, Ferguson felt that American families now more than ever, needed to watch some cute dogs.

According to, Ferguson worked with officials from the board of health and commissioner of Montgomery County in Pennsylvania to get the show on the road! The pre-taped show would only have the judges, handlers, owners of the dogs, and show staff present and reduce the number of dogs competing this year to only 600 dogs. That’s 70 percent less than the usual 2,000 dogs competing in the show. Like many televised events nowadays, there was about 350 cardboard cutouts that Ferguson spoke to as he resumed his announcer role for the show.

The Kennel Club also handed out masks and hand sanitizer, took temperatures, as well as asking guests to turn on the COVID Alert PA and encouraging social distancing regulations. Ferguson was very proud of how they were able to handle the situation and get the show recorded for fans to watch as they prepped for the holiday.


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