If you woke up this morning confused as hell about why people were talking about superpowers and the world ending, you're not alone. After doing tons of digging, researching and meme reading I have finally pieced together all the theories surrounding today's date. December 21 is significant for many reasons. The main reason being a rare celestial event.

According to Pop Buzz, today is the day that Saturn and Jupiter align. This is the first time since the Middle Ages that these two planets will appear closer than ever. If you look up at the sky, both Jupiter and Saturn will look like one huge star. According to Pop Buzz, this is what astrologers call The Great Conjunction, aka The Christmas Kiss.

With that being said, this shift in the universe has caused many theories to evolve. One being that the world is going to end. According to Pop Buzz, a Christian evangelist says that the Great Conjunction coupled with the Mayan calendar tells him that December 21 is the day that Jesus will come back for his followers. Well it is currently 8:30pm and I haven't been sucked up into the sky yet.

Another theory that came from the Great Conjunction is that black people will get superpowers. Why only black people? Who knows. This theory all started with a tweet...of course.

This whole idea came from a twitter discussion about the US governments handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and how they lied to people, especially the black community. From that point on it turned into a huge joke on Black Twitter that we would wake up with superpowers this morning. Again, its 8:30pm and I still can't zap anyone.


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