When I first bought my house in the Mercer County area I remember my bill for Trenton Water Works being pretty cheap. For the third quarter of the year (2021) it was not cheap at all. It literally doubled in price.

I thought that my fiancee and I were using a lot of water until I talked to one of my neighbors and they mentioned that their Trenton Water Works bill had gone up a ton as well.

Then I saw a post in a Mercer County Community Facebook group where other residents were not happy with their bill either, which made me feel a little less frustrated.

There was a Facebook user that published a picture of their Trenton Water Works bill and her water usage was $55. She was pretty frustrated and wanted to know why the bill has a total amount due of $252. That is just shy of $200 extra that she was being charged.

In the comment section, another Facebook user shared a link that led to the full explanation on why the water bills have pretty much skyrocketed.

On TrentonNJ.org it is stated that "the COVID-19 public-health emergency impacted Trenton Water Works, including our customer service, billing, and meter-reading operations." The articles that has all of the "Trenton Water Works Update: Billing" information also shares that Trenton Water Works was "unable to bill our customers for the "Water Ready" or "Ready to Serve" charges, which represent the water-meter rental fee for the fourth quarter of 2020."


So now we are getting hit hard with all of these high bills.

TrentonNJ.org made sure to let everyone know about the water bill being raised due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We learned that all Trenton Water Works customers were sent a letter through the mail in July of 2021 and then another one in September.

This is still not cool. This can definitely hurt the pockets of many Mercer County residents, especially during the holidays.

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