Have you noticed that things are changing in the areas that Trenton Water Works gives service to? Your answer may be that you haven't noticed anything different because what is changing is something that you probably don't pay much attention to.

On Trenton Water Works' Facebook page it was stated that the fire hydrants in the five-municipality service areas will be painted within the next 24 months. That is a total of 3,501 fire hydrants that will be painted by Trenton Water Works.

It was mentioned in the post by Trenton Water Works that the 3,501 fire hydrants will be color-coded to be able to identify the power that each fire hydrant has. The colors include Light Blue, Green, Orange, and Red.

This is what each color-coded fire hydrant mean according to Trenton Water Works post:

  • Light Blue: 1,500 gallons per minute
  • Green: 1,000-1,499 gallons per minute
  • Orange: 500-999 gallons per minute
  • Red: less than 500 gallons per minute

Trenton Water Works mentioned, "Hydrants will be color-coded to indicate flow volume in gallons per minute." We would assume that will be extremely helpful for firefighters when they need them for emergencies.

A lot of people in the area that is serviced by Trenton Water Works have mixed feelings about the color-coded fire hydrants. Some residents mentioned that they always wanted to know what the difference in the colors was while others even offered to help.

One resident was not happy at all in the comment section of the Trenton Water Works post. The resident asked if this project will cause everyone's quarterly water bills to go up by a big amount. Trenton Water Works did not reply to that comment.

Now if you see different color fire hydrants at least you know what the reason is.

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