If you were listening to 94.5 PST during the first week of April 2014, you were probably getting your first taste of The Chainsmokers, because their single #Selfie was one of the most played songs on the station.

Sam Smith was still just a featured artist on other people's singles.

And these were the 5 most played songs on PST...

#5 Jason Derulo "Talk Dirty" --- According to Wikipedia, this is Jason's second highest charting song in the US.  His only song to chart higher was his debut single, "Whatcha Say."

#4 Bastille "Pompeii" --- Prior to their current hit with Marshmello ("Happier"), this was the last time the band Bastille had a song on PST.

#3 John Legend "All Of Me" --- John's wife, Chrissy Teigen, is featured in the music video for this song.  The couple were newlyweds in 2014.

#2 Katy Perry "Dark Horse" --- In April 2014, we were still a few months away from seeing Katy perform this song live at the Wells Fargo Center.  She played the Wells Fargo Center on Aug. 4 & 5.

#1 Pharrell Wiliams "Happy" --- If you were listening to PST this week in 2014, you definitely were definitely singing & dancing to this song, which was featured on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack.

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