New Jersey always gets a bad reputation when it comes to outsiders. Of course, we’re known for being loud, obnoxious, so tan that we can look orange, and that we curse too much.

Once you visit New Jersey, you realize it’s pretty normal here and that not everyone fits that usual stereotype that everyone thinks is our only personality trait. There have been so many TV specials and episodes like South Park and Family Guy that have full episodes just making fun of everyone from New Jersey.

This had me thinking though, is it true that everyone hates on New Jersey this much, or is just more of a meme to hate on us? Turns out, it is not a meme at all and we're among the top hated states for 2023.

Not only are we towards the top of the list, but we are also within the top 3 hated states in the entire country. In the description of New Jersey on, apparently, a lot of people that live in New Jersey had something to do with voting our state to the top of this list!


Everyone apparently sees us as loud, outspoken, and brash people. People who have visited Jersey have also said they can’t stand the boatloads of traffic along with the high prices on just about everything including houses.

The number 1 hated state in the entire United States is apparently Texas followed by California and then here in Jersey. I’m not shocked we’re towards the top of the list, but I have to admit I am shocked to be within the top 3. Are you?

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