If there’s one state that would get Santa’s sleigh to fly at the end of the movie Elf, it would certainly be New Jersey.

A new list was released of the states with the most Christmas spirit throughout the country and New Jersey scored pretty high on the list and I have to say, I’m impressed!

The holiday season is in full swing and there really is so much to do right in New Jersey to celebrate the most wonderful of the year! Get Century Link has created a list that ranks every single U.S. state based on how much Christmas spirit they have.

Can you guess where New Jersey ranked on this list? I’ll give you a hint, it may be higher than you would’ve expected.



New Jersey has been ranked at #9 for the states with the most Christmas spirit.

The Christmas spirit chart was created based on the number of evergreen farms in each state, how many people go out and donate to charities in each state, and of course how often residents of each state online shop for Christmas items, stream Christmas content or even post about Christmas on various social media platforms.

Another poll was taken after this list was revealed and about 77% of the population who took part in the survey believe that it was accurate!

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