You've seen those signs outside Wawa informing you not to leave your car idling, right?

Even if you're "only going to be a minute", you're supposed to shut off your car's engine.

Here's what has to say about idling:

"Idling occurs when a motor vehicle with a diesel or gasoline engine is running but the vehicle is not in motion. Excessive idling causes an unnecessary release of air contaminants into the air in New Jersey, including fine particulates and air toxins. Every year, hundreds of New Jerseyans die prematurely from exposure to diesel exhaust. Fine particle pollution may actually cause more deaths in NJ than homicides and car accidents combined. New Jersey has laws which prohibit the idling of a vehicle for more than 3 minutes, with certain exceptions..."

Now, that's the official reason for not leaving your car running.

Another reason is, someone might just steal your car!

That's what happened in Washington Township Tuesday night. Washington Township Police say a car that was left running outside the Wawa on Greentree Road, when it was stolen. Here are the details from police:

"A 2022 Acura MDX left running at the Greentree Rd. Wawa was stolen last night at 10:00PM. The Vehicle was seen traveling on Egg Harbor Rd. towards 5Pts Deptford with 3 males inside. A vehicle tracking app showed the vehicle on West Street in South Camden. Residents are reminded to not leave your car running and unattended."

That's a pretty good reason to turn your car off, right?

SOURCES: and Washington Township Police via Facebook

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