Trenton Thunder always has some awesome events going on at their games, and the next one is for all the ’90s babies out there.

The Trenton Thunder baseball park is having their ‘90s night coming up within the next few days and you’re for sure going to want to be there.

On August 12th, the park is offering that the first 2,000 fans, 5 and older, who enter the park will get a free fanny pack when entering the game. Trenton Thunder is single-handedly bringing back the ‘90s fashion staple, the fanny pack.


Not only will you probably hear the most iconic ‘90s songs played throughout the park that night, but there’s also going to be a firework shoe after the game ends, so if you end up making your way out to the game, make sure the stay after!

I love having a baseball stadium that’s so close to home. It’s such a good way to get the community together and always gives you an option for a night out during baseball season.

Another factor that is really persuading me to make it out to ‘90s night at Trenton Thunder this coming Friday is that it’d another Pork Roll Friday at the stadium.


The Trenton Thunder stadium is full of stands where you can get all kinds of Case’s Pork Roll food items, but on Pork Roll night, it just hits a little different.

You can find the Pork Roll Man lurking throughout the park and snag a pic with him or even catch the team wearing their iconic Pork Roll Jerseys. This event is going to be epic for ‘90s night.


There’s so much going on and you’re not going to want to miss it. Tickets are available now on the Thunder’s website.

Trenton Thunder’s stadium is located at 1 Thunder Road, Trenton, NJ, 08611. This is one of the last chances to fit a quick game into your summer schedule!

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