... and the cow jumped onto the freeway.

This is scary. This poor sweet cow, now named Brianna was in transit to a New Jersey slaughter house in Patterson early this morning, when she either fell out or escaped off the second level of the truck she was being transported in.

The cow then wandered alongside i80 until animal rescue arrived. It took them about 10 minutes to get her down with a lasso tied around her mouth.

Because of this act, Brianna saved her own life. Instead of taking a one-way trip to the slaughter house she now will be spending her time at a vegan animal sanctuary.

So far, it seems like the cow only suffered from a few scratches and bruises but will be checked by a veterinarian to make sure she isn't sick.

The driver of the truck claimed he had no idea how she fell out, the rest of the cows were all accounted for.

Source: NJ.com

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