The Hopewell Township Police Department is showing their support for those in their community that identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. For the month of June, which is Pride Month, officers who want will be wearing rainbow patches on their uniforms.

According to the Hope Rises Up website, these patches are also for sale for $10 and there are Pride stickers for sale as well for $5. They will be sold at the Hopewell Township Police Department in Titusville as well as at dandelion wishes in Hopewell, and at Tipple & Rose in Pennington.

Proceeds from these patches and stickers will go to the Triad House which is an LGBTQ friendly group home right here in NJ. More resources and info about these patches can be found here.

As of now, the Hopewell Township Police Department is the only department in New Jersey to wear patches like these on their uniforms to support Pride Month.

I support those being true to themselves. I feel that life is too short to pretend to be something that you're not. I remember I had friends growing up that were afraid to come out and I always offered my support to them and always loved them for what they identified as.

Hopewell Township Police is making a big statement here by wearing these Pride Patches. They are telling their community that they are behind them, no matter what. No matter what they believe in, or what their sexual orientation is, they will serve and protect them, like the rest of the community.

In a time where the public is not so trusting of the police, this is a great opportunity for Hopewell Township Police to prove that they will do what they were hired to do. Serve and protect.

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