We know from big storms. As we look back on the soon to be 6 year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, here at the Jersey Shore we certainly can appreciate the seriousness of the situation as Hurricane Florence barrels down on the Carolinas.

But just how big Florence has become is truly stunning.

As of just 2:00 this afternoon, USAToday quoted the National Hurricane Center as saying that, "the diameter of Florence's tropical-storm-force winds is almost 400 miles".  

To really give you an idea of what that looks like, here's how the storm system would look if it was over the Northeast:

NOAA/Google Maps.
NOAA/Google Maps.

Truly not a storm to take lightly.

Florence is expected to plod slowly over the Carolinas over the next day, with high winds, life-threatening storm surge, extreme amounts of rain, and a potential impact that The National Weather Service describes as, "devastating to catastrophic".

Be safe out there, everybody!


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