Hurricane Florence is currently pounding the Carolina coast. Her effects in our area have been limited to just a few showers and some waves at the shore... so far. Unfortunately, we could still get quite a bit of rain from the storm system.

The storm will meander over the Carolinas and Appalachians through the course of the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

The good news is this weekend looks pretty good. We'll finally see some sunshine (on both Saturday and Sunday) with temperatures in the middle 70s.

By Monday, however, the uncertainty increases regarding the track of Florence's remanents. In fact, it appears as if there's at least a chance of heavy rains in our area as early as Monday.

Yeah, more rain. 

The National Weather Service says that our first chance of precipitation could happen on Monday as moisture surges northward into our area (especially in Eastern Pennsylvania). Unfortunately, under their current forecast, the threat of rain lasts through the day on Tuesday.

Exactly how much rain falls in our area will be dependent on the track:

National Hurricane Center
National Hurricane Centerld B

So here's the current forecast (as of Friday afternoon): 

Monday: A chance of showers during the day, with a high near 78.

Monday night: Showers and thunderstorms overnight, with a low around 70.

Tuesday: Showers and thunderstorms are likely during the day. With highs around 80. Those storms could produce heavy rainfall.

We'll have the latest over the weekend on any impacts to our area.

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