Some early morning fog has cleared out of our area, and now our focus will turn towards the remnants of Hurricane Florence.

Luckily our area won't experience anything like the devastating effects that the Carolinas have faced this week. However, the system could still bring a lot of rain to the Northeast. Clouds will build in today, but the threat of rainfall today is limited, according to the National Weather Service.

The threat of rain increases overnight and into tomorrow morning. Tuesday doesn't look like a "complete" washout, as the bulk of the storm will pass to our west. However, there's a LOT of moisture left in Florence. So we'll definitely see some rain.

It'll vary from light rain to heavier downpours on Tuesday. It's not totally clear where those will set up, but they're most likely to happen in our area Tuesday afternoon and evening, according to today's forecast.

We could see up to 2 inches of rain in our area on Tuesday. Flash flooding isn't too likely, but definitely be careful out there.

There's good news ahead though! Wednesday looks like a great September day. Drier air will settle into our area with temperatures right around 80 degrees. Thursday looks spectacular too with sunny skies and temperatures in the middle 70s.

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