I have such a nervous feeling as Hurrican Florence gets closer the east coast, even though I know NJ will most likely be spared. My uncle lives in North Carolina, and so does one of my best friends. My friend has already evacuated, with her family and dogs. My uncle is staying, although, he's more inland than she was. Inland flooding supposed to be bad though. Ugh. He's assured the family he has the supplies he needs. What do you need in a situation like this?  You know, we're all supposed to have disaster kits in our homes, if situations come up like this.  How prepared were you when Sandy hit, a few years ago?  I saw on Ready.gov, what you should have on hand, always. Water, food, a flashlight, a radio, batteries, a first aid kit, a whistle incase you need to get help, stuff to sanitize things, cash....you can see more here.  Wow...where am I putting all of this stuff? It's a lot. But, I guess better safe than sorry. My thoughts and prayers going to all those in Florence's path. Be safe.

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