*UPDATE - Due to an overwhelming response, they are booked through Saturday, September 15th, but, can offer rooms again starting this Sunday, September 16th - Thursday, September 20th. Rooms can be booked by calling 1-866-50-OCEAN.


Hurricane Florence is on everyone's mind. It's set to hit the Carolinas soon, and watching the news this morning was heartbreaking as people left their homes, not knowing if they'd ever be able to go back to them in one piece. But, then I read something on NJ.com that truly made me smile. The new Ocean Resort in Atlantic City (the old Revel) is showing their kindness by offering anyone escaping Hurricane Florence from the Carolinas, a free room. Bravo, Ocean Resort! Kindness Matters. It's so refreshing. People wanting a room must show a valid driver's license, proving they live in Florence's path...makes sense. Ocean Resort said, "All efforts will be made to accommodate based on availability of space and rooms."  You can't control Mother Nature, so at least they can have someplace dry, warm...and fun...to wait out this awful storm.

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