Smartphones and other forms of digital technology can be extremely distracting. Phones and other devices have the ability to distract you from everyday activities including sleeping, studying, working, and spending time with family or friends. Studies have shown that being heavily consumed with digital devices can even have an effect on a person's social well-being. While these devices can be used to connect us, many people feel less connected to others as a result of constant digital use.

A study at the University of Virginia suggested that people felt more connected when socializing face to face rather than socializing through their phones. The study was designed to research the social behavior and well-being of 174 participants. Through periodically surveying the participants technology use and social interactions, they determined that most participants felt less connected when face to face socializing was mixed with digital socializing, and felt the most connected during face to face interactions.

Try putting down the phone for a few minutes and connecting to the present moment. Spend time with your loved ones rather than locking your eyes to a screen. It might be hard, but it can be extremely rewarding for your well-being.



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