New Jersey..."people hate us, cuz they aint us," right? I mean come on, we all know our state rocks! One of the best things about New Jersey is our food.

When my cousins from Illinois visit New Jersey, they probably gain 10 pounds from stuffing themselves with pork roll, pizza and as many fried Oreos as they can handle .There's nothing like Jersey food!

Buzzfeed came up with a hilariously accurate list of twenty foods that scream, "New Jersey."

Now, Chris, Adam & myself are all Jersey natives.  Dave is technically from Maryland, but has lived in NJ for a long time. Let's see how many of these Jersey foods the Crew has eaten.

Here's the checklist: 
1. Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese
2. Boardwalk Fries
3. Boardwalk Slice of pizza
4. Kohr's Ice Cream
5. Salt Water Taffy
6. Disco Fries
7. Sloppy Joe
8. Zeppoles
9. Wawa Hoagie
10. Tomato Pie
11. Italian Hot Dog
12. Anything From a Diner After Midnight
13. Fat Sandwich
14. Fried Oreos
15. Waffles and Ice Cream
16. Campbell's Soup
17. Texas Weiner
18. Anything Tastykake
19. Panzerotti- (kind of like a calzone)
20. NJ Tomatoes

The Crew has eaten mostly everything on this list. What can we say, we love our food.

Although Chris does not like cheese, so scratch the Disco Fries, Texas Weiner, and Panzerotti off her list.



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