Mosquitos are so annoying and when you get those itchy bug bites you just want to rip your skin off. It just feels like nothing gets rid of the itchiness. It's finally summer and you just want to avoid the bug bites as much as you can.

According to, the amount of rain we get this summer is most likely going to dictate how many mosquitos the state of New Jersey will get. New Jersey has some very unpredictable weather so, in reality, we will have to wait and see if there will be a lot of rain.

One thing that shared that will possibly be helpful to not have so many mosquitos is to make sure you don't have puddles of water in your yard. Mosquitos are attracted to water and we learned that mosquitos actually can lay eggs on half an inch of water.

Also, if you don't clean up the leaves in your yard that can cause you to have a lot more mosquitos because they are known to hide under leaves and in bushes as well.

The owner of a pest control business told, “So, on a weekly basis empty or turn over items that will hold water."

One thing that was made known on was that mosquitos can bite you and annoy you but mosquitos "don’t carry diseases that affect people."

Lastly, make sure that your gutters are cleaned because that can play a factor in how many mosquitos you will have in your backyard this summer as well.

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