I am always looking for ways to save money. Something I don't spend money on anymore is getting my nails done. This is something I've been able to do myself for quite some time. However, it's frustrating when you have to touch them up mid week because the polish does not last. I did remember how awesome it was when I would get gel manicures done because it would last 2-3 weeks. Well, during the pandemic as I was cleaning out my entire house and I found a UV light used for gel manicures that my Mom bought me years ago. So I started doing my own gel manicures, and it's going pretty good. I figured I'd share how I do it in case you're looking to save some money, or if you're a Mama like me, who doesn't have that much time to go out and get a manicure. Doing them yourself doesn't take that long, I usually do them when my son is napping.

How to Do a Gel Manicure at Home

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