Since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus, doctors, nurses and hospital workers have been putting in a crazy amount of hours working around the clock to help patients admitted with COVID-19. Not only are they putting in so many hours, but they are at the frontlines of this pandemic and some of them don't even have masks or gloves to wear to protect them. Companies all over are donating what they can, but if you're a good seamstress and want to do your part, check out the video below that I originally found on

This video was created by Sew it Online, and they even have a pattern for you to follow. The one thing that is probably not okay about this video, (and in the comments everyone else agrees) is reversing the mask around after it's been used. That will expose whatever germs that were on the other side of the mask to you.

You are stuck inside anyway, why not make some masks for the people who are surrounded by this virus every day.

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