Everyone's goal is to get better in life and just make a good amount of money. The American Dream, yah know.

The state of New Jersey has a lot of beautiful counties that have extremely nice neighborhoods for your average lifestyle but did you know that Hunterdon County isn't just your average county?

Patch.com reported that Hunterdon County is the wealthiest county in the Garden State. It was also mentioned that residents in Hunterdon County make over $30,000 more annually than your average household in New Jersey. The average household in New Jersey brings in over $70,000 a year.

Hunterdon County has close to 1% less poverty than the whole state of New Jersey, according to Patch.com.

Cities in Hunterdon County include Flemington, Lambertville, Milford, Clinton, and Lebanon, amongst others.

A few years ago NJ.com reported that the median house price in Hunterdon County was over $400,000.

If you live in the Hunterdon County area, feel free to brag that you live in one of the richest parts of New Jersey.

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