If you are from the Princeton area you are doing something right with your money. As for everyone else, myself included, eh not so much. Money management is not easy. You always want to buy yourself something when you probably shouldn't. Later you start to realize that you shouldn't have made that move.

Well, it was stated on Wallet Hub that Princeton is actually one of the cities in the whole country that has residents with some of the best money management. Let's be real, a lot of us don't even think about money management. We feel like ballers every time we get that paycheck.

But in reality, it was mentioned on Wallet Hub that only about 2 in 5 Americans actually have a budget. Those that have a budget actually watch what they are spending on.
According to Wallet Hub, Princeton takes the 11th spot overall as one of the cities with the best money management. Let me tell you also, landing on the 11th spot on the money management list is impressive because the list has a total of 2572 different cities across the United State of America.

On average, Princeton residents have a credit score of 755. Credit Scores range from 300 to 850, so 755 is not too bad. Actually, 755 is considered a "Very Good" score.

As for the capital city of the Garden State, Trenton, it lands on the 1682nd spot with residents averaging a 604 credit score, according to Wallet Hub. You can say it is not that bad, just around the halfway point on the list.

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