Cash app users should be watching out and making sure they aren't getting robbed for their hard-earned money. Multiple Cash App users have recently been scammed for a good amount of cash due to Cash App's terrible website as well as their lack of customer service

According to, a Cash App user mentioned that the scammers have been reaching out to the app users and playing the part of a "representative for Cash App support" in an effort to take their information and money.

Another way that people have been caught up in this scam is when they search for Cash App's customer service number they were directed to a website that was created by scammers. It was mentioned on PHL17 that the website created by the scammers is

The Better Business Bureau has received over 30 complaints in regards to cash app users being scammed for a couple of hundred dollars. Cash App has not really been there to help the users, according to

If you happen to have an issue with Cash App taking some of your money, mentioned that it is good for customers to know that Cash App does not have "Live Customer Support." Personally, I think that is pretty ridiculous that Cash App, an app that handles money transfers, does not have a live customer service.

We learned from that a user that went through this mess had to wait about two days to hear back from Cash App in regard to his money being stolen. That's ridiculous.

Be careful using Cash App right now.

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