If you found yourself driving down Route 1 in Lawrence Township, New Jersey today then you know how annoying the standstill traffic was. Just down the street from the Quaker Bridge Mall was a traffic block that is pretty unusual to the town.

Usually, the highway is three lanes, but cars were being forced to merge into only one, which caused some super hefty delays.

I found out that the left two lanes were closed for roadwork because they were filling potholes in the road. I was driving down the highway today to get to the mall and it took me twenty- three minutes to get from the light on Franklin Corner Rd. to the Mall and yes, I was being a Karen and counted.

Being that it’s not one of the more normal traffic-packed areas in the town, it had residents talking all over Facebook earlier today.

Usually, when something is going on in town, I can always rely on the local Facebook groups to fill me in. I was scrolling through and saw that people were already on the case filling everyone in that the road was closed due to pothole maintenance.

Some people also had a good point saying the road was extra busy today too due to Zen Leaf opening their doors to the adult public.

Their parking lot was super full and there were cops directing traffic, which wasn’t a good mix with the pothole maintenance.

I heard some news that they completed their job doing road maintenance today, but will be doing some spot checking tomorrow, so make sure to leave a little early for work just in case traffic builds up like it did today.

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