I did something yesterday, for the first time in over a year. I entered a store without a face mask on. I was thinking about doing it as I got out of the car, but kept my mask on my wrist just in case I decided I wanted to wear it. As I approached the entrance to Costco in Lawrenceville, I was a little nervous.

I walked up to the front entrance and as I flashed my membership to the woman at the door, I double checked with her and asked if I needed to wear a mask if I was vaccinated and she said NO. So I kept the mask on my wrist and walked through the doors feeling extremely liberated. I felt on top of the world.

Previously, I felt that even though I was vaccinated I would still wear my mask in public places for a little while longer. I suffer from allergies and being that the pollen is so bad this year, it actually helps me to wear a mask. I also didn't wanna catch any kind of cold because my family and I have not been sick in over a year. However, something yesterday changed inside of me. I was ready.

I thought that I might be joined by more of Costco shoppers going mask less, but I was not. Plenty of shoppers and workers too were still wearing masks. It made me wonder, are they not vaccinated? Or are they still scared of this virus so that's why they keep their masks on. Whatever the reason, I support it.

So if you've been nervous about taking your mask off in a public space, I get it, I was too. I'm here to tell you, I support you if you wanna keep wearing a mask or if you're vaccinated and wanna take it off. I will not tell anyone how they should feel right now. This has been a scary year and has left a lot of people in fear. Do what you feel is right.

I believe in science and I also believe in vaccines, which is why I got the COVID 19 vaccine. I feel so protected, but I will also still wash my hands and take care of myself to ensure I stay healthy and I suggest you do the same.

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