It looks like one of the most hyped-up burger chains in the country is finally making its way east!

We're talking about the famed In-N-Out Burger. The California-based food chain that, as of right now, only operates in Western states: California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Texas, and most recently Idaho.

Credit: Instagram @innout
Credit: Instagram @innout
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It's been hyped up so much by West Coasters and folks who have tried the famed burgers and fries that I almost want to believe it's not all it's cracked up to be... but I'd still love to try them!

Hours-long lines!

Here's how popular they are. The first In-N-Out recently opened in Idaho, and people were waiting in 8-hour long lines!!

In-N-Out is moving Eastward

Earlier this year, they announced plans to open new locations and an administrative office in Tennessee, which will be the farthest east the chain has ever come! The locations are planned to be complete in and around Nashville by 2026.

Is In-N-Out coming to New Jersey?

Credit: Instagram @innout
Credit: Instagram @innout

As of right now, the chain hasn't announced any definitive plans to move even further east.  The company abides by their rule to operate restaurants no further than 300 miles from a distribution center. So if they ever do announce that they're coming to New Jersey/Tri-state area, it's unlikely to happen before 2026.

But the news that they're moving as far east as Tennessee is encouraging for the future! Though it may take a while.

Have you ever had an In-N-Out burger? Is it really worth all the hype? Let us know if you'd like to see them come to New Jersey!


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