It was announced in a fake post that In-N-Out Burger was expanding to the east coast with over ten locations coming to New York City.

I was scrolling through Instagram and saw the post from New York Bucket List (above). I fell for an April Fool's joke that was so cruel. I was so excited to see that I would live closer to an In-N-Out Burger location. It sounded so impressive since the prank news said the flagship store for the west coast-based burger chain would occupy five floors in the Flatiron building. My mind was racing and fantasizing about ordering an Animal Style burger during my trip to NYC.

I did some Googling because this news was too good to be true, and that's when I discovered it was not true at all. Luckily I found the Delish article that confirmed the announcement was a joke, but also lightened my mood by introducing me to other pranks from other restaurants and chains.

Dunkin Donuts duped fans on Instagram by saying a new large double donut drink holder called The Super Dough Holder was coming.

McDonalds pulled a fast one on foodies by "introducing" new four dipping sauces inspired by their milkshakes. Can you imagine a Shamrock Shake Sauce. If they were real, I'd probably try them all.

The one place that I wish was truly real (and I would even consider applying for a job there) would be Starbucks's cafe for dogs called, Pupbucks.

I have to give it to them all for their fun, cruel, and creative posts.

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