It's not time to spark up yet, but the Pennsylvania legislature is trying once again to make marijuana legal in the state.

If it gets passed, Pennsylvania would become the 17th state in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana for adults.

Under the proposed law, people age 21 and over would be able to buy and possess up to an ounce of marijuana. And unlike in New Jersey, you can get a permit for certain home growing too.

State Representative Jake Wheatley is the one who proposed the bill, tweeting that, "Not only would it create jobs and generate much-needed revenue, but it would also eliminate the aggressive enforcement of simple marijuana possession laws in marginalized communities."

He goes on to mention that he's been on this for so long for the "social and criminal justice reform aspects."

Part of the bill would be a "clean slate" provision. Under this, anyone who has been convicted of a marijuana offense would have their record expunged and if you're in jail for a marijuana-related conviction that would be legal under the new law if it's passed, you would be released.

Seems all well and good, right? Clean up the criminal justice system a bit, raise tax revenue in the state, become an at-home weed gardener if you want, maybe help some people break from their opioid addiction, give 58% of adult Pennsylvanians what they want and you can stop being paranoid every time you try to smoke a joint in the backyard of a house party.

If you're against smoking weed, that's okay too. You don't have to partake! And I get it if you're worried about the impact it'll have on your kids, especially if you think marijuana is a gateway drug. But just sit down with them and have a conversation about it, just like you would with talking to them about alcohol or tobacco (two perfectly legal things if you're of age).

Now with that all being said, the bill still needs to get passed, so put down your lighters for now. And even if it does get passed, it could take a LONG time until you're actually able to go down to your local weed store to pick it up. Just look at how long it's taking New Jersey.

If you support the legalization of marijuana, you can sign Rep. Wheatley's petition here.

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