Though it's never been confirmed, Marshmello's real identity is believed to be Christopher Comstock and he may have grown up in our area. Yeah, we think he may have grown up in the Philadelphia area.

I came across some interesting information about Marshmello's supposed identity and hometown after doing some googling. According to his biography on The Famous People website, Marshmello's real name is Christopher and he was born in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. Newtown Square, of course, is a Philadelphia suburb.

Yet his Wikipedia page lists that he was born Philly. It's not clear which is correct, but those areas of PA are in close proximity to one another. So I'm thinking that the internet is on to something.

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

I'm familiar with his music, but just recently I started to wonder who the person was under the helmet. It's funny because his hidden persona worked. For the past couple of years, I just focused my attention on his music, and the artists he collaborated with.

I'm not alone in the search to find who the man is behind the mask. Even Forbes was curious to know who the mastermind is behind Marshmello, and they did some digging of their own. They discovered that the name Chris Comstock was listed under registered songs that Marshmello worked on. Proving that Chris does use the stage name/artist name of Marshmello.

Marshmello has had his fun along the way with all the curiosity, and teased fans who wondered if his real name was Chris by tweeting:

I wonder if Marshmello will ever confirm his true identity. Until then you can see what he looks like without the helmet on in the video below. Go to the 1:15 mark to see who they think Marshmello is.

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