Yesterday Apple released their cheapest new smartphone since the iPhone 8. CNN reported that the new iPhone being cheaper actually says a lot about the changes in consumer habits and the challenges Apple faces.

The iPhone 11 starts at $699, the pro starts at $999 and the pro max at $1099. Still a little pricey but considering the X that is a smidge more affordable.

Starting Friday September 13th you will be able to pre-order yours. The iPhone 11 will have a new dual- camera system, "all day battery life", and the highest quality video in a smartphone. Now you know that will be great for selfies. Apple also claims that the new phones have the toughest glass in a smartphone and water resistant to twice the depth.

iPhone 11 comes in chill colors such as yellow, purple, green, red, and of course black & white. Where the iPhone 11 pro comes in more sophisticated colors such as midnight green, silver, space gray, and gold.

That was all the "fancy" stuff, now lets take it to twitter and see what people were saying and most were posts of people making fun of the camera.

The evolution of iPhones is by far the easiest way to clown the Apple product. Not the first time it happens. @Sanjaytennis has the iPhone looking like a dominoes piece.

Here are a few other funny tweets making fun of the new iPhone 11

What’s your thoughts, is the new iPhone something you can get behind or is the new camera a turn off?

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