Now a days it seems like nearly everyone you come in contact with has an iPhone. You can probably find constant memes about how bad Android pictures look on Snapchat, no one wants to be the odd one out. That being said, iPhones are not all that they’re cracked up to be. Each year, it seems like Apple adds a single new feature and tacks on a $1000+ price tag to the device.

Recently, started a rumor about the newest of Apple products, the "iPhone 11", 11 Max, and 11R. Leaked renders of the iPhone 11 Max and 11R, like the ones posted on Boy Genius Report, feature a triple-lens system. BGR also notes that unlike pricier models the iPhone 11R will have a dual camera system. As non-tech experts ourselves, we’re not quite sure how multiple cameras work exactly, but we do know they sure do look like bug eyes.

Another notable change on the new models is that the panel behind the camera lens will match the color of the rest of the iPhone. This doesn’t do much aside from provide a sleeker look to the devices.

Thinking about it besides just a "better" camera there isn’t much else you can expect on the new devices. In terms of size and shape, the new iPhones look very similar to previous models.

So unless you’re just trying to have the new phone, or desperately need to update from an iPhone 7, we’re not sure if we’d run to the stores to get these models.

Wondering when the new iPhones will likely release? Annually the phone models are announced sometime between September 7th and 12th, while the iPhones become available for purchase sometime between the 16th through the 25th.

It's all a waiting game now.

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