The coronavirus pandemic has pretty much crippled our economy. There are thousands of restaurants in New Jersey and because of shutdown that took place a few months ago, some can't even reopen. This is extremely devastating to other locals business owners who were unable to open during the pandemic or accumulate online sales. It's sad to say, but a lot of places we used to shop at, may not be around much longer. There were, many businesses that were deemed essential during the pandemic that were allowed to stay open that are thriving and one of them is Wawa. They weren't the only convenience store that stayed open during the pandemic, but this is the one that I always go to since it's near my house.

Most wouldn't think now is a good time to open up new store locations, but The Bucks County Courier Times reports there may be one coming to Neshaminy Mall in Bensalem PA. Developers would like to put a Wawa convenience store as well as Wawa gas pumps next to where On the Border is. When developers brought this idea to officials, opinions were all over the place and obviously needs to go through much more approval before the Wawa can get built. However, it does seem like most officials agree, adding the Wawa would help out Neshaminy Mall in a big way as far as bringing traffic in.

I have to say, the more gas stations and Wawa stores everywhere, the better. Nothing is worse than needed gas and there are no gas stations around. I bet this will be good for people to gas up and get a snack before they go home. Like I said, it is just being proposed at this point, hopefully we'll get some updates soon.

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