I went down a rabbit hole of looking up all the town names in Pennsylvania, and I found that we have a lot of names that are inappropriately strange.

I've seen some crazy town names that exist all around the country, but I think Pennsylvania has some of the most extreme. Before we get into some of the wild names in Pennsylvania, it's important to point out who comes up with these names. According to World Atlas, the first people to settle in a town or state get to pick the name. After that the U.S. Board on Geographic Names are the ones who make the name official.

I can't believe anyone would approve this name, but the most inappropriate town name in Pennsylvania by far is Intercourse, PA. The town was originally named "Cross Keys" in 1754 and was changed to Intercourse in 1814, according to Wikipedia. The town is located in Amish Country and attracts most of its visitors mainly because of its sexual name.

It isn't uncommon for a sign with the town's name to go missing. A lot of people come and steal the signs just for clout and selfies.

Another very inappropriate town name in the state of Pennsylvania is Blue Ball. Lancaster County clearly has a thing for making things awkward. The name got its name after a man name John Wallace built a hotel in the area in the 1700s, according to Lancaster Online. He hung a blue ball outside of the building and residents started calling the town Blue Ball ever since.

Intercourse and Blue Ball....clearly Pennsylvania has a thing for kinky names.


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