I am so very happy to announce that Tiffany from Chris & the Crew is a new mommy!  It's a boy, his name is Nathan, and as you can see, he's absolutely adorable.

I visited them over the weekend, and Mommy and baby Nathan are doing well. Both are happy and healthy. Although, mommy's a little sleep deprived. So is Daddy Matt, but he and puppy Stella are great too. They're so in love with their new baby boy.

So, funny story. You would have never known, but Tiffany was in labor during the morning show. What a pro, right? She knew she felt a little funny, but still had a few weeks to go. So, I told her she was fine, and to drink more water to stay hydrated.

After the show, she still felt a little nervous (like a lot of first moms), and she called the doctor again (she had already called the night before). The doctor told her to come to the hospital to see if it was actually baby time or a false alarm.

None of us in the office thought it was baby time, so we told her that we'd see her tomorrow. Well, she texted me about an hour later, saying the baby was coming. What? Wow. We were all shocked. She still had a few weeks to go, and we had a Baby Shower planned for her (at the office) which hadn't happened yet. The best ideas don't always go as planned. Lol.

We all know Tiffany's going to be the best mom.

While she's getting adjusted at home, I guess I'm stuck with only Dave and Joe in the mornings. Omg. Pray for me!

Tiffany will be back on the air in early March.

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