It was a quarter century ago that, "Philadelphia," starring Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks had a huge impact on the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The academy award winning film truly shifted the dialogue around the infectious disease in addressing the ongoing health crisis.

And 25 years later, the fight continues.

The Coca-Cola Company released this sneak peek into their upcoming film, "The Last Mile" which honors the 25-year-old film's legacy.

The Preview features Tom Hanks, who takes some time to reflect on Philadelphia, "Wise human beings wrote down, in the city of Philadelphia, a code from which we can all live by. And it's all men are created equal."

The Last Mile is produced by The Coca-Cola Company as part of their Project Last Mile initiative. 

Project Last Mile mission is to help regions of Africa where the Virus is still a large public health issue.

The movie will premier on Nov 15th.

In the meantime, give Philadelphia another watch, and have some tissues nearby for a good cry.

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