Could you ever imagine a world without department stores?

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Unfortunately, more and more of them keep closing location after location with each passing year. Here in South Jersey, the malls were once stocked with at least four or more popular retail chains that were beloved by shoppers throughout the region. They considered shopping meccas in their own right.


There was once a time when you didn't even have to set foot in a mall itself to acquire everything you need to complete an outfit. One of the most beloved retail stores in all of the Garden State was and remains to be Macy's.

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Now, it seems there is trouble brewing for the once-retail giant. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Macy's will be letting go of over 2,000 employees, which translates to 3.5% of the overall workforce.


Apparently, they're letting go of corporate employees as well as in-store workers as they plan to shut five stores this year. The goal is to cut back on costs in an effort to provide shoppers with the best experience possible.

Here's my question: how can people shop there if they close the closest Macy's location? Sure, customers can still shop online, but it's not the same.

Some jobs will be eliminated as Macy's plans for more roles to become automated in an effort to streamline supply chain.


Which Macy's stores are closing in 2024?

So far, we know that two will be closing up shop in California, one store in Virginia will be closed, one in Hawaii, and another in Florida.


What does this mean for Macy's NJ locations?

None in New Jersey are scheduled to be shuttered just yet. The company did announce that they plan on opening quite a bit of stores in a much smaller format. These new locations will be only 1/5 the size of the department stores we're all familiar with.

The shopping landscape certainly has changed over the last few years. It sounds like Macy's is doing everything they can to keep up. Hopefully, they make it.

It's not just individual stores that are suffering these days, either. The malls are hardly in their heyday...

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