One of South Jersey's last remaining Friendly's restaurants is in the process of being demolished in the town of Marlton.

Gosh, is THIS a depressing sight.


Another Friendly's Restaurant in New Jersey is Gone

Friendly's Demolished in Marlton NJ
A View From Evesham/Facebook

It makes me SO sad to see another Friendly's restaurant in our area not only closed but being completely erased from the local landscape.

Friendly's in New Jersey: Full of Food and Fun for the Entire Family

Friendly's Employee with Ice Cream Sundae
Friendly's/Facebook; Canva

I associate Friendly's with my childhood. The chain is where my parents threw so many of my birthday parties as a kid. It's where the youth football cheer squad I was on went to celebrate after a big game and where my mom and dad took my brother and I when we did well on our report cards.

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As an adult, I still love visiting Friendly's. I'm a sucker for their SuperMelt sandwiches and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sundae. OMG, I can almost taste them both right now, lol.

Friendly's Restaurant in Marlton, New Jersey is Being Demolished

But Friendly's will no longer be bringing the fun in Marlton. The location off Route 70 in Evesham Township in the Kohl's shopping center closed a while back, but now it's practically gone for good.

Over the weekend, the Facebook page A View From Evesham witnessed the sad scene where the Friendly's in Marlton has been reduced to rubble.

Even more dejecting than seeing the former restaurant in ruins is the phrase still visible on the one wall of the building that is still standing that reads, 'creating memories since 1935'.

What Will Replace the Old Friendly's Restaurant in Marlton, NJ?

Cava Mezze Grill

Something called Cava, a Mediterranean-style restaurant is reportedly being built in its place. We shall see!

Friendly's Near Me in South Jersey

Friendly's SuperMelt Sandwich

If you're craving Friendly's, you can still find restaurants open in Sicklerville, Gloucester Township (at the outlets), Glassboro, Deptford, and Toms River.

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