Every year for the Saint Patrick's Day Holiday, there are millions of pints of Guinness beer consumed by people all around the United States. Whether you have Irish heritage or you just want another opportunity to wear your Eagles' Green in the offseason, the go-to drink for many this time of year is a tall glass of Guinness.

Before you go out to drink a pint, there's some information you need to know that will impact your wallet. The website FinanceBuzz gathered information about the cost of a Guinness Pint from different bars or pubs in each state. They wanted to find out where the most expensive pints of Guinness are sold in the United States.

Their research found that an average pint of Guinness in the United States is $7.13 in 2024, which is 17 cents more than it was last year ($6.96 in 2023). According to FinanceBuzz, New Jersey is home to the ninth most expensive pint of Guinness in America at $7.80 per pour.

Where Does New Jersey Rank For Cost of Guinness?

New Jersey is one of six states in the northeast where a pint of Guinness costs more than the national average: Massachusetts ($8.20), New York ($7.40), Connecticut ($7.30), Rhode Island ($7.25), and Maine ($7.20). But the most expensive pour of Guinness can be found in Nevada where a pint costs 8.69 dollars.

You can find a less expensive Guinness Pint in New Jersey's neighbors: Pennsylvania's average cost is $7.15 and in Delaware, the median cost is $6.90 in 2024. The only state where the average cost of a Guinness pint is under six dollars is West Virginia ($5.65).

A Pint of Guinness Costs more in the northeast than half the United States
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Here are the Top Ten States Where a Pint of Guinness is Most Expensive:

1. Nevada ($8.69)
2. Washington ($8.45)
Tied - 3. California ($8.40)
Tied - 3. District of Columbia ($8.40)
5. Massachusetts ($8.20)
6. Florida ($8.19)
7. Hawaii,($7.95)
8. Tennessee ($7.90)
9. New Jersey ($7.80)
Tied - 10. Arizona ($7.60)
Tied - 10. Texas ($7.60)

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