“OH. MY. GOD.”

Consider our minds blown. We just found out that one of America's sweethearts from the '90s, Jennifer Aniston, lived in Delaware County, PA for a decent portion of her childhood.

Yeah, one of the homes that a young Rachel Green lived in is right here in our backyard in Southeastern, PA.

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That home, which is located in Eddystone, PA, actually sold just a few weeks ago. So, we dug into the story a bit more, and we've got the pictures of the inside of the house posted below, of course.

Best we can tell Jennifer Aniston only briefly lived in this house. She was born in 1969 in California. Her parents moved into this home — owned by her grandmother, Stella Anastassakis. We’ve got all of the details on the house posted below.

Aniston attended Eddystone Elementary School before moving to New York City to work on Days of Our Lives as a child actress.

Though, we actually hear that Jennifer has been frequently spotted around Eddystone as she must visit family in the area? We saw some Facebook comments that said she’s quite nice when she visits the area, and she’s been seen in local businesses and driving around town at least once a year.

By the way, I have to admit, I didn’t even know that Eddystone was a town. But that’s because it’s so tiny you may miss it. It’s located just south of the airport off I-95. In fact, I guess it’s actually home to the Walmart in the area that I always kind of thought was in Ridley Park.

LOOK INSIDE: Jennifer Aniston's Childhood Home in Eddystone, PA

Before she was Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston was roaming around DelCo. While she never picked up the accent, she did attend the Eddystone Elementary School for quite a while. The family home recently sold (again) so we've got a peek inside the home right here.

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